Our Clients

Click on the "highlighted" colored states and see the law offices that we have worked with on thousands of insurance fraud cases across the nation.

For those attorneys that are located in the other states, we are in search of reputable law firms to represent bad faith cases. We are qualified to instruct interested parties in the identification of problem policies, interview individuals potentially damaged, produce reports on any problems discovered, and provide expert testimony if needed. We have a large network of insurance experts, whistle-blowers, current and former agents, and other legal professionals that we can call upon if needed.

Mark J. Colbert once told a reporter from 20/20 that it would take him
just a few days to find life insurance fraud in any city in America.

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Our Associates

Associates who also investigate life insurance fraud and assist attorneys.

Max Herr
(909) 865-7873
Life Insurance Analyst & Expert Witness
Caryn E. Montague and Associates
(305) 944-0657
Insurance Fraud Consultant
North Miami Beach, Florida
Rick Sabo
(724) 443-5720
Insurance Fraud Consultant
Jim Butler
(502) 672-9508
Insurance Fraud Consultant
Crosby Engl
(816) 746-9175
Former Metlife Ethics Overseer
Al Barnes
(334) 569-2031
Insurance Fraud Expert / Consultant / Author
Gary Underwood
(405) 521-1725
Insurance Fraud Expert
Mike Weaver
(800) 371-2525
Prudential Specialist / Consultant

Our References

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