Here's The Problem Insurance Fraud

Life Insurance fraud and misrepresentation is a huge and very real problem in America. It is estimated that 40% of all life insurance policies sold in the United States between 1983 and 1994 will not perform as sold and may have been sold under false pretenses.

Some insurance agents use misleading sales practices to persuade customers to exchange older policies for newer ones. "Churning" is when an agent falsely contends that a new policy is free, cheaper or will provide more coverage for less money.

Another misleading sales practice in which agents tell customers that policies will pay for themselves in only seven or eight years due to high interest rates is called "vanishing premium fraud."

We've investigated numerous cases involving Prudential, MetLife, New York Life, Allstate, John Hancock, Americo, United of Omaha, the Life Insurance Company of the Southwest, Senior Healthcare Consultants, Northwestern Life, Mass Mutual and many others. We have even found fraudulent sales practices within fraternal organizations like The Aid Association for Lutherans.

Here's The Solution
Mark J. Colbert Enterprises

Mark J. Colbert Enterprises
Our Quest:
Justice for Life Insurance Victims of Fraud.

Our Work:
Assist Attorneys to obtain restitution for policy holders.

Our Expertise:
Life Insurance Fraud Investigations, Consulting Service and Expert Witness.

Mark J. Colbert Enterprises assists insurance companies, policy owners or reputable law firms in the litigation of life insurance bad faith cases. We conduct investigations and / or provide consulting services in identifying policy anomalies.

Based upon information and documents available, we prepare an evaluation and estimate damage reports for potential litigation or corporate review. We also provide expert testimony in court cases. We also, have a large network of insurance experts, whistle-blowers, current and former agents and managers to call upon for assistance.

We have worked with attorneys who have won large out-of court settlements for their victimized clients. We are currently working on cases in which attorneys are in the process of negotiating settlements or are in the beginning stages of assessing legal options for policy holders.

Mark J. Colbert once told a reporter from 20/20 that it would take him just a few days to find life insurance fraud in any city in America.

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