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    Our investigative and consulting services help attorneys and insurance fraud victims obtain legal justice and restitution.

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    Mark J. Colbert was named by Insure.com as one of the four best-known insurance fraud experts / consultants in the nation.

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Mark Colbert, Owner of Mark J. Colbert Enterprise

Meet Mark Investigator

An Insurance agent can easily misrepresent the terms of your life insurance policy. My investigative work has helped attorneys and their clients get legal justice and compensation.

Insurance Investigation and Consulting

Expertise We're Good

Investigated thousands of life insurance fraud cases for both legal professionals and policy holders. We are an expert insurance fraud investigation and consulting service firm. We help attorneys and insurance fraud victims obtain legal justice and restitution. Let us help you get justice and obtain compensation.

Successful Jury Verdicts and Settlements

Verdict Is? We Won

We have a 100% success rate. Mark J. Colbert Enterprises has successfully investigated and provided numerous expert witness testimony in Superior Court trials across the United States against government officials, insurance agents, Fortune 500 insurance companies to prove fraudulent insurance sales practices.
News Flash- Please Read

News Flash Please Read

Here are a few of the cases we're currently working on. If you or anyone you know is involved in any of these cases, please contact us by either completing our contact us form, or email mark@markcolbert.com. This section is provided as a service, and is updated regularly. Please check back often.


In 1997, a team of Life Insurance Fraud Experts estimated that 40% of all life insurance policies written in America will not perform as sold.

Mark J. Colbert Enterprises
Our Work: Assist attorneys and life insurance policy owners to obtain justice and restitution.
Our Expertise: Life Insurance Fraud Investigations / Consulting Services / Expert Witness

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Justice for Life Insurance Victims

We can investigate the most complex insurance fraud cases
There is no doubt that when it comes to Life Insurance and Financial Planning, knowledgeable, honest agents representing quality companies are vitally important. Unfortunately, many people have discovered too late that their best interest was not given a high priority by their insurance agent.

With a success ratio of 100%, Mark Colbert Enterprises has helped thousands of insurance fraud "victims" take legal action against the agents and/or their insurance companies.

Stop the Fraud NetworkWe are a member of The Fraud Defense Network which is the leading Internet link for the anti-fraud community. This network has facts and figures on the cost of fraud to businesses and consumers, links to fraud-related news wire stories, legal sites, and articles written by fraud investigators.

We are in search of reputable law firms to represent bad faith cases. We are qualified to instruct interested parties in the identification of problem policies, interview individuals potentially damaged, produce reports on any problems discovered, and provide expert testimony if needed. We have a large network of insurance experts, whistle-blowers, current and former agents, and other legal professionals that we can call upon if needed.

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